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Method And Device For Dynamically Controlling Data Volumes

Official Titles:

Method and device for dynamically controlling data volumes in a communication system

Verfahren und Vorrichtung für eine dynamische Regelung von Datenvolumina in einer Kommunikationsanordnung

Procédé et dispositif de régulation dynamique de volumes de données dans un système de communication


Europe EP 3069565
Filed September 6, 2014

Switzerland WO 2015070937
Filed November 15, 2013

Germany DE 102013019193
Filed November 15, 2013


The invention relates to a method for exchanging data in a communication system comprising a number of communication subscribers who exchange data with at least one data source. According to said method, a data volume available to the communication subscribers for data exchange is dynamically controlled among the number of communication subscribers by an intelligent connection manager. The invention further relates to a corresponding device.


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